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We are one of the premium Solar Cookers manufacturers and exporters. We proffer a superiorly efficient range of solar cookers. The solar box cooker manufactured by us is 75% more efficient than other conventional low efficiency box cookers. Our solar cookers are made by pure 100% aluminum. Par excellence solar cookers are available with us on very reasonable rates.
since man learning to ignlte fire and cooks food, firewood was the most obvlous cholce. As the human race progressed, more convenlent and easly available fuels have been used. Fossil fuel has limited years before it exhausts, so man experimented with solar cooking, the eternal source of energy.
The second largest application of solar heat,'Solar Cooking' has evolved through ages.
Akson's, in its true mission has developed different solar cookers, which are adcanced, user friendly and virtually maintenance free.
Come, but any one of these and make friendship with the Supreme of the Universe, THE SUN.

Solar cooking-the principle:
Solar cooking works on the principle of tapping the Sun's heat in an air-tight insulted container which raises the temperature resulting in boilng and cooking/ baking of foodstuff.
The parabolic cooker works on the principle of concentrating the Sun's heat, the way we used to burn paper using a concave lens during our school days. This results in reaching of higher temperatures similar to the LPG stove in our kitchen.

Solar cooking-Advantages unlimited:
Solar cooking offers unlimited benefits, some of which are:
  • free, non polluting source of energy on smoke and no suffocation.
  • attendance free cooking allowing the housewife to attend to other jobs while the cooking goes on.
  • hyglenlc way of cooking helps avoid accumulation of Omega 3 fatty acids, proven to be the cause of dozins of serious healgh problems
  • retains valuable natural vitamins normally burnt during conventional cooking.
  • No tension of fuel price hike. recovers the investments in less then 2 years.
  • Easy and convenient t use,100% safe for cooking and the user.
  • enhances teste of food .

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